Bichon Frise Adult Dry Dog Food

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Designed specifically for purebred Bichon Frise adults, the tailor-made nutrition of Royal Canin Bichon Frise Adult Dry Dog Food gives your four-legged family member everything that he needs to thrive. Crafted by combining the practical knowledge of expert breeders and scientific nutritional data discovered by Royal Canin, this customized dog food has an exclusive kibble that was made just for the strong lower jaw of Bichons, helping your pooch to pick up his food quicker and easier, as well as encouraging him to thoroughly chew each bite of his meal. This carefully formulated recipe also helps to promote optimal digestive health, supports a beneficial body weight, and gives your Bichon Frise everything that he needs to be happy and healthy, allowing you to worry less and enjoy your adorable furry friend more!